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  1. Adidas To Release Yoda-Themed Stan Smiths

    The global infatuation with Baby Yoda, or Grogu, to give him his official name, has been so strong that many people will have forgotten there was an adult Yoda! However, German footwear brand Adidas is here to remind us all of the OG little green Jedi with a pair of Stan Smith sneakers inspired by Yoda, which will go on sale soon for $120, or around £90.


    Live Kindly reports that the Yoda-themed sneakers are part of the Stan Smith Forever range, making use of its Primegreen fabrics, which Adidas says is made from 50 per cent recycled materials.


    The Yoda version is also green in another way. The back heels of the shoes have Yoda’s face embossed in green fabric, and the tongues of both shoes feature illustrations: on one, Yoda, and the other, Stan Smith himself.


    Adidas introduced Primegreen last year alongside Primeblue, which uses recycled Pa

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  2. What Were The First Ever Retroed Air Jordans?

    Air Jordans are for many people the centrepiece of sneaker collections, with some rare Jordans for sale reaching incredible prices.


    With an annual release schedule, particular Jordan designs are adored by fans, from the original “Banned” black and red Jordans to “The Last Shot” Jordan XIVs.


    However, the shoe that in many ways popularised a love of retro rereleases (or retroed shoes), was also a shoe that MJ himself never wanted and sold terribly on its first rerelease.


    At the same time, it also became Jordan’s favourite shoe, a star of the most controversial dunk contest to date and arguably popularise rare shoe collection.


    To explain all of this, we will need to go back to a time when Michael Jordan was about to do what today seems unthinkable.


    Taking To The Sky

    Nike in 1987 was in a whirlwind. Rob Strasser, vice president at Nike had suddenly left the company.

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  3. Nike Sues Art Collective Over ‘Satan Shoes’

    Eighteen months ago, Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF released a series of modified Nike Air Max sneakers dubbed ‘Jesus Shoes’ that had holy water from the River Jordan injected into the soles.


    Now MSCHF has released a new limited edition of Nike Air Maxes in collaboration with rapper and singer Lil Nas X called ‘Satan Shoes’, which this time have drops of human blood in the soles and a bronze pentagram adorning the laces, and now Nike is issuing a lawsuit against them, according to NBC News.


    The sneakers were released to coincide with the release of the music video for Lil Nas X’s new song, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’, which shows a wildly lascivious journey through hell in which the rapper gives a lap dance to the devil.


    Priced at $1,018 a pair, and limited to 666 editions, of course, th

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  4. What Are The World’s Most Collectable Sneakers?

    The sneaker resale market is booming as collectors seek out rare and expensive editions. It seems that these days, they are not just a fashion item or piece of sportswear kit, but a form of wearable art. The global market is estimated to be worth $7bn (£5.5bn) a year, with fans prepared to pay over £1000 for a pair of trainers, or ‘sneakers’ as the Americans have it.


    So what is that special quality that makes some sneakers so desirable? The most overriding factor, it seems, is the rarity value. Limited edition collections produced by mainstream sports brands in collaboration with hip stars such as Pharrell Williams are the most sought after, with demand outstripping supply.


    Sometimes the brand will extend its celebrity partnerships beyond sports shoes, and bring out clothing lines, including hoodies, t-shirts and baseball caps. The customer base is predominately males in their teens and t

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  5. Adidas Launches Retro Samba Cycling Shoe

    The German sportwear giant Adidas has launched a new cycling shoe which combines modern technology with old-school styling, according to a report on the News 24 website. The new Velosamba shoe is in the classic Adidas model, but also features innovative clipless pedal functionality.


    The new cycling shoe is not a rival to Adidas’s range of high-performance shoes, but is aimed at the commuting cyclist who wants a fashionable shoe that will work with an outfit for the rest of the day. It saves the hassle of storing or carrying an extra pair of trainers for the style-conscious urban traveller.


    On the sole, the Velosamba has a full-length reinforced plate with a two-bolt cleat, allowing it to clip onto bike pedals. The hybrid rubber outsole has a reinforced heel, and is also designed for comfort when walking. Based on the iconic Samba football s

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  6. The Story Of Nike’s Vaporfly: The Shoe That Was Too Fast

    Can a shoe be so good that it creates an unfair advantage that forces it to be banned?

    Typically, when a shoe is banned from a sport, it is for sponsorship reasons or because the shoe was caught up in an arbitary rule, rather than for competition reasons.

    One of the most expensive pairs of rare Jordans for sale, the infamous “Banned” Jordan 1s, was caught up in the NBA’s infamous “51 per cent rule” and other shoes have fallen foul of similar restrictions as well.

    However, only last year, Nike made a shoe that is so good, wearing them has been described as “a form of mechanical doping” which has shaken the athletic world.

    Here is the story of the Nike Vaporfly: a shoe that was so fast it changed how we view running forever and led to a rules change at the highest levels of the sport.

    Taking Vaporflight

    Nike have constantly innovated when it comes to sports shoes and sneakers righ

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  7. Hands-Free Sneaker: The GO FlyEase

    One thing that all shoe manufacturers have in common is that their products, no matter the brand,
    shape, style, size or colour, all need your hands to put them on.

    It might seem an intrinsic feature of shoes, but thanks to a letter from a sneakerhead with cerebral
    palsy, Nike has developed and about to launch a completely hands-free sneaker, according to

    In 2012, 16-year-old Matthew Walzser, who was born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects
    some of his motor skills, was looking for independence when he went to college.

    “My dream is to go to the college of my choice without having to worry about someone coming to
    tie my shoes every day,” he wrote in a letter to Nike. "I've worn Nike basketball shoes all my life. I
    can only wear this type of shoe because I need ankle support to walk.”

    He added that while he is completely able to dress himself, her still needed assistance to tie his

    “As a teenage

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  8. Adidas To Launch Mushroom-Based Leather Range

    Sportswear giant Adidas has committed to growing its plant-based range and to increase the use of sustainable materials across its entire product portfolio to meet its sustainability goals for 2021. In addition to making 60 per cent of all its products from recycled materials, the company has revealed a plant-based leather, recycled cotton and a climate-friendly sneaker, made from mycelium, the thin, root-like structures of mushrooms, according to Live Kindly. With the announcement of its slate of new sustainability initiatives for 2021, Adidas has pledged that over half of all its products will be made using sustainable materials. The global brand says that 60 per cent of the materials will come from recycled polyester, which is an increase from its 50 per cent target made in 2020, or from sustainably sourced cotton. It has added that it aims to reach 100 per cent of materials used by 2024. Kasper Rorsted, CEO of Adidas, said: “We have continued to invest in sustainability i

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  9. Nike Gives Air Jordan 11s A High-Tech Self-Lacing Makeover

    Nike Gives Air Jordan 11s A High-Tech Self-Lacing Makeover Nike has taken a decidedly high-tech route to honour one it’s most revered classics, styling Jordan’s favourite pair with a futuristic update. To mark the 25th anniversary of the first sketches for the Air Jordan 11 by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, which would set the standard for laceless designs, Nike’s design team have updated the footwear benchmark by taking the approach of adding new power lacing technology while also remaining true to the original silhouette of the classic sneaker, reports Business Insider. The design has upped the ante even further by incorporating Nike’s Adapt technology throughout the sneaker, giving it the name Air Jordan XI Adapt. The wearer can customise his sneakers instantly using the Jordan-branded Adapt app, allowing personalisation of the colour scheme and flashing pattern of the light clusters in the mid-sole. The same app also works with the power lacing setup, allowin

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  10. Nike Unveils Their First Hands-Free Shoe

    The world’s most popular supplier of men’s branded shoes unveiled an innovative new design that allows people to take their shoes on and off without having to reach down. The new shoes, known as the Nike GO FlyEase use a bi-stable hinge which allows the heel of the shoe to click upwards, making them easier to put on and take off without compromising the stability and structure of the shoe. Designed with accessibility in mind, the initial design came from how people instinctively kick off their sneakers when they get indoors, with disabled athletes, women in the last trimester of pregnancy and parents with their hands full being mentioned by Nike as people they had in mind for the new trainer. The design, featuring a slipper style front locked to a more Jordan-esque heel and surrounded by a typical Nike mesh, is set to be available in three different colour patterns. Initially made available via invite, Nike intends to release the shoes more widely later in the year.

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